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The Final Buddhist Geeks Fundraiser

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The Final Buddhist Geeks Fundraiser

Help Enshrine the Buddhist Geeks Podcast Archive!

If you found Buddhist Geeks to be a helpful resource please support us in making the archive of episodes (over 370 in total) accessible for years to come.  Donate to our final fundraiser and help enshrine the Buddhist Geeks Podcast Archive!

A little background:

The Buddhist Geeks Podcast ran from 2006-2016.  It was one of the most listened to Buddhist podcasts during that 10 year time period garnering 10 million+ downloads (over 1,000,000/year) in total.  The show, along with with several annual Buddhist Geeks Conferences, helped shape the discussion around the intersection of Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation and global culture, rapidly changing technology, etc.  

Our plan:

While the project is closing we are trying to ensure that we can close this 501(c)3 educational non-profit up in a way that honors some of our financial commitments and protects the podcast archive so that it can be accessed well into the future.  

We would like to raise at least $10,000 so that we can pay off some outstanding debts and ensure that the podcast remain archived and accessible far into the future--i.e. future proofed. 

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The Final Buddhist Geeks Fundraiser